Salvage cars Landrover

Salvage car Landrover Freelander Freelander Hard Top Terreinwagen 2.5 V6 (KV6-2.5) [130kW]  (11-2000/10=
-2006) 2001

Landrover Freelander

Freelander Hard Top Terreinwagen 2.5 V6 (KV6-2.5) [130kW] (11-2000/10= -2006)

ERD: 20012001
fuel: petrolpetrol
mileage: 198.215198.215
Salvage car Landrover Range-rover sport DIESEL /3000CC / AUTOMAAT 2016/1

Landrover Range‑rover sport


ERD: 20162016
fuel: dieseldiesel
Salvage car Landrover Freelander Freelander Hard Top Terreinwagen 1.8 16V (18K4F) [86kW]  (04-1998/10-2=
006) 2003

Landrover Freelander

Freelander Hard Top Terreinwagen 1.8 16V (18K4F) [86kW] (04-1998/10-2= 006)

ERD: 20032003
fuel: petrolpetrol
mileage: 109.431109.431
Salvage car Landrover Range-rover  2014/7

Landrover Range‑rover

ERD: 20142014
fuel: dieseldiesel
mileage: 28.06028.060
Salvage car Landrover Range-rover 3.5 V8 1972/3

Landrover Range‑rover

3.5 V8

ERD: 19721972
fuel: petrolpetrol
Salvage car Landrover Velar  2018

Landrover Velar

ERD: 20182018
fuel: petrolpetrol
mileage: 8.0008.000
Salvage car Landrover  Range Rover Velar (LY) Terreinwagen 3.0 D300 AWD (306DT(Euro 5) [221kW=
]  (03-2017/...) 2018


Range Rover Velar (LY) Terreinwagen 3.0 D300 AWD (306DT(Euro 5) [221kW= ] (03-2017/...)

ERD: 20182018
fuel: dieseldiesel
Salvage car Landrover 90/110 109 1970/1

Landrover 90/110


ERD: 19701970
Salvage car Landrover Discovery Sport  2018/5

Landrover Discovery Sport

ERD: 20182018
fuel: dieseldiesel
mileage: 114.647114.647
Salvage car Landrover Range-rover evoque  2012/1

Landrover Range‑rover evoque

ERD: 20122012
fuel: dieseldiesel
mileage: 231.712231.712
Salvage car Landrover Range-rover  2006/7

Landrover Range‑rover

ERD: 20062006
fuel: dieseldiesel
mileage: 301.993301.993

Landrover Salvage cars

On the platform of you will always find hundreds of different Landrover damaged cars. A Landrover damaged car enables you to buy a Landrover for a low price. After a refurbishment project or replacement of parts, you can have the car re-tested so that it can be put back on the road.

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Landrover damaged car models

Via our platform you can easily search and find your ideal Landrover damaged car. Select the desired model, year of manufacture, fuel type and transmission type and you will immediately be shown the complete range at all affiliated bodyshops. In the stock of our dealers you will find, among other things:


Our non-life car dealers are members of the Association of non-life vehicle dealers (VSV) and the foundation VbV (Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit) buys their non-life vehicles directly from insurers. As a result, you can always buy a Landrover non-life vehicle responsibly and safely. With the various Landrover damaged vehicles, you will always find a series of clear images on the page. This allows you to quickly and adequately assess the status of the relevant Landrover. For a more detailed inspection or to buy the desired vehicle, please contact the damaged vehicle dealer via the contact details on the page.

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Landrover dismantling cars and used Landrover parts

A damaged car must of course also be repaired before it is allowed on the public road again. For this reason on you will also find a huge range of Landrover dismantled cars and used Landrover parts . We offer the total solution for getting your Landrover damaged car ready for use.

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Via you can buy damaged cars, dismantled cars, used cars and car parts in a fast, simple and safe way. Because we only do business with reliable companies, you are always assured of good quality and good service.

Landrover damaged cars and dismantling cars

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